How do I turn this thing on???!!!

by Geri W.

Some years ago, I got my first job as a technical writer and was required to use a PC to look at the software, in order to write the dreaded user's manual. But I had no idea how to get the PC to turn on! Little did I know that I needed a special floppy disk to "boot" the computer! How happy I was on my next tech writing assignment when everyone in the office was using Macs! I was up and running in no time. And when i began teaching writing to students at Syracuse University, I used a Mac...generously supplied in our writing labs by the Mac people. Our students, in those days, did not come to college with computer experience. We had to teach them how to use them. And with the Macs, it was so easy!! Even though some freshmen were still overwhelmed by the whole college experience and cried on their desktops, or put the mouse on the screen trying to move the arrow, we were successful. Soon, my entire class was paperless. Writing assignments were given on line, and the writing was dropped, in those days, into a folder where I collected them to read and respond to. It was great stuff. We could concentrate on writing, and had a very powerful tool to use. Yet is was simple enough for even a child. Which brings me to my last point. My son in law, a PC user, was amazed to see his 3 yr old daughter navigating my Mac with ease to get onto the PBSKids site to play little games. Thanks, Steve Jobs, for making my life easier. I always said that a Mac was much better to have in the house than a vacuum cleaner! Macintosh forever!!!