by Chris Dillon

There's no other word than workstation that comes to mind first for my Mac. It's where I work. I trust it more than my PC even though I know they can do similar things. Steve didn't want to argue about platforms. If you believed his vision and therefore Apple's, you could see that they truly wanted to get out of the way and let you create content, code, media and anything you could. He wanted simplicity and ease of use with security and automated backups. That is what the sweet spot of a desktop computer is. Similarly, he got down to the core use case of the phone and the tablet and got the device and tech out of the way. Looking back to 2007 iPhone introduction videos and seeing the first mobile Safari, I realize how much he and Apple really did introduce to the world. Pundits, bloggers, hype machine and even my comments now pale in comparison to the sheer shock on people's faces when he demoed the iPhone. Go watch the video and share my sadness that those keynotes, from that man, are gone.