thank you, steve

by Lisa Morales-Hellebo

I am so grateful that I had the chance to shake Steve's hand on the opening day of the Apple store in CA. I had the chance to thank him, face-to-face, for his his contribution to the design field because that was my space at the time. What I would say to him today is... Thank you for teaching the entire world the importance of design and how it could be leveraged to elevate the human spirit through any medium — graphics, products, or technology. Thank you for showing me that one person's ideas CAN change the world. Thank you for showing me the power and possibilities of being truly fearless when thinking different. You have raised the bar for us all and you have raised my expectations of myself. I aim to make my dent in the universe now because you have shown me that it is possible. Staying hungry & foolish from here on out.

Think Different

by Mitchell Bernstein

If it wasn't for him, I would have never had the inspiration to find who I am, what I want to do, and where I will go. He changed my life. The iPhone wasn't just a revolutionary product. It was the first product that allowed me to actually touch the web. For it was the first of its kind.

The inspiration he strikes into everyones heart's is unmatched and never will be. Every time he stepped on that stage, eyes widened, ears opened, and hearts were lifted. He created such a magic that every time he was under the spot light, the world would stop and listen. The world was right to do so. He changed our lives numerous times and had a good reason to- he didn't agree with mainstream. He didn't agree with conformity. He agreed with just the opposite. And for that, he made all the difference. As the most famous commercial of all time ends, "Think different." Steve most certainly did.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish" (Steve Jobs).

Every Week

by Matthew Smith

Not a week goes by where I don't awkwardly feel compelled to use Apple as an example of a company that is lead by vision and design. They make things that I enjoy using immensely. To have an effect on anyone in that way in an era when we are constantly diluted by overexposure to product is nothing short of monumental. Steve Jobs leaves an indelible mark on these products – probably for years to come.

A Delightful Experience

by Laura Sweltz

Prior to getting my first MacBook, I was used to having frustrating experiences with technology. From the moment I held that MacBook in my hands, though, something was different. The experience was simply delightful. Steve led the way in crafting delightful experiences. It was the experiences that I had with products that he helped to design that not only gave me an understanding of what an experience should be like but also inspired me to pursue a career as a UX designer. Thank you, Steve, for the inspiration.